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Xena: Warrior Princess 2x11 Here She Comes Miss Amphipolis

That time Xena did a beauty pageant episode, not to tear down the women who competed in the pageant but instead to examine the range of reasons those women had for competing, and to affirm their strength and worth. The episode also explored both Xena and Miss Artiphys’s non-normative gender presentation, and used the pageant’s conclusion as an opportunity to praise the full spectrum of gender presentation encountered therein. 

And this important tidbit from the Whoosh episode guide:

On an airing of the episode in the United Kingdom on or about 11-14-98, the episode was lacking the the usual disclaimer of “No ribbons…” but had in its place: “In loving memory of Keith K Walsh”. The official response from the XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS office was that Keith Walsh was Chris Manheim’s brother who passed away in 1992 due to complications from AIDS. He was the inspiration for the Miss Artiphys character in the show.

Xena is not a guilty pleasure show. Xena is EVERYTHING.